Welcome To Prairie Meats

The foundation of our business is based on the belief that we owe our customers complete transparency and traceability.  We adhere to strict protocols in record keeping allowing us to ensure every customer that they are getting back their own product. 
In fact, we are currently working with an Alberta genetics lab in order to offer genetic traceability.  With genetic traceability our customers will be able to rest assured that they are only getting back what they brought in.

We believe in handling both the people and the livestock with the utmost in dignity and appreciation.  The caring and respect the producers put into their animals is carried through, making us stewards of transitioning livestock into our customers food.

This transition is so important to us that we have undergone third party inspection to gain humane handling certification. Certification was gained through the Animal Welfare Approved organisation in humane handling practices. These practices include livestock off-loading, barn care and handling throughout the slaughter process.

For more information regarding the Animal Welfare Approved organisation, please visit their website at: http://animalwelfareapproved.org/


Animal Welfare Approved