Your Order is Ready

Once your order has been completed it will be invoiced and you will be notified by telephone. 

Like so many of us now days, we understand that people’s lives can get very hectic; that is why we give you 14 calendar days after notification to pick up your order. Since our freezer space is limited and valuable, orders remaining more than 14 days will be charged a minimum of $10.00 (or $1.00 per box, whichever is greater) per calendar day for freezer storage. Orders left for 60 days will be disposed of.

We accept cash, debit, Mastercard & Visa.  E-transfer is also accepted as long as the transfer has occurred before the order is to be picked up.

At the time of pick up we will inform you of your box count and our staff will load your order for you, you just have to stand by and verify the box count.