Wild Game

                                                             ATTENTION HUNTERS

Due to multiple reasons outside our control, we have had to make a difficult business decision this season. 

Although we will continue to cut and wrap game animals, extra processing will be limited to jerky and salami.  For any meat you may want processed into a linked product we are offering the following options:

1)   We can return your trim with your order; you can bring it back to us at a later date for your preferred processing and we will give you 10% off the processing invoice

2)   We can make any un-cured sausage mixture you are wanting and place it in 1 or 2 lb chubs at a discounted rate

3)   We can send custom blend spices for hunters wanting to process their own sausage at home

Please understand that these are not steps that we are wanting to take, and we are doing everything possible to get back to business as usual.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we maneuver these unprecedented times.

The Harvest

We know very well that the harvesting of wild game is not done under controlled conditions and what was or is necessary to do in the field does not always coincide with what we would like to do under perfect conditions.  It is because of this that we are committed to providing all our customers with fact based information and insight that will raise the standard for all wild game processing, regardless of a perfect kill or not.

Prairie Meats will inspect all game products for contamination of any sort and will not process products on an “as is” basis.  If it is believed that a products condition will not allow us to provide a safe, quality finished product, we will inform the customer of possible options to bring the product up to an acceptable standard.  We refuse to process and inferior product at a financial cost to our customer or to our reputation.

Please be aware that all wild game must be accompanied with proper documentation to show proof of the legality of the harvest. This includes proper tags affixed to the carcass as well as appropriate hunting license and WIN card.  If parts of this documentation is not available, photocopies of a valid drivers license is required.