Sausage / Jerky / Pepperoni / Salami Fees

Custom Mixes

Since each order is processed individually, we can easily adhere to special requests such as custom trim ratio’s, spice or salt ratio’s and smoking requirements.  This also means allergy and dietary concerns can be easily addressed. 

Wild game will vary significantly between each animal and each species, yielding various levels of tastes, flavours, textures and product weights.  The actual flavor of wild game is an acquired taste, preferred by some and not others.  Our products are geared to satisfy the broadest number of taste thresholds as we can without excessively altering the products natural characteristics.


All products are vaccum packaged in 1 - 1 ½ lbpackages unless alternate packaging is requested. Ground game is stuffed into plastic chubs in 1 or 2 lb packages.

Sausage Processing: 

If you have 50 lbs or more of a single flavour of sausage processing done, we will discount the sausage processing fee by .25 / lb.

Cold Smoked: Regular Hunter $3.75 / lb $ 75.00 minimum
  Garlic Hunter $3.75 / lb $ 75.00 minimum
  Spicy $3.75 / lb $ 75.00 minimum
  Polish $3.75 / lb $ 75.00 minimum
  **Cold Smoked Sausages require cooking before consumption.
Hot Smoked: Any flavor $1.00 / lb additional to cold smoking price 
  **Hot Smoked Sausage require no additional cooking.
Fresh Sausage: Bratwurst $3.50 / lb $ 70.00 minimum
  Chorizo $3.50 / lb $ 70.00 minimum
  Italian $3.50 / lb $ 70.00 minimum
  Onion / Garlic $3.50 / lb $ 70.00 minimum
  Regular or Maple Breakfast Sausage $3.75 / lb $ 75.00 minimum
  **Fresh Sausage has not been smoked and requires cooking before consumption.

14 lbs of game trim is required for each flavor of sausage, this makes a 20 lb minimum batch.  Breakfast sausage only reguires 10 lbs of game trim for a 20 lb batch.  Sausage processing fees are based on the raw stuff weight of the sausage.

We blend game with 50/50 pork trim—Average is 3 lbs of trim for every 7 lbs of game.  Hunters may request custom blend. Breakfast sausage is blended at a ratio of 50% with 50/50 pork trim.

There is an average of a 10% shrink during the cold smoking process.

Pepperoni Processing

Regular $4.50 / lb $ 90.00 minimum
Hot $4.50 / lb $90.00 minimum
Suicide $4.50 / lb $90.00 minimum
Honey Garlic $4.50 / lb $90.00 minimum
  **Pepperoni is a ready to eat product.

14 lbs of game trim is required for each flavor of pepperoni, this makes a 20 lbminimum batch. Pepperoni is stuffed in a 19mm edible collagen casing.  There is an average of 25-30% shrink during smoking.

Hunter Salami Processing:

Salami $3.99 / lb $ 75.00 minimum
  **Salami is a ready to eat product.

14 lbs of game trim is required for a minimum batch. There is an average of a 20% shrink during smoking.

Jerky Processing:

Regular $6.50 / lb $ 65.00 minimum
Bar-B-Q $6.50 / lb $ 65.00 minimum
Teriyaki $6.50 / lb $ 65.00 minimum
Honey Garlic $6.50 / lb $ 65.00 minimum
Peppered $6.50 / lb $ 65.00 minimum
  **Jerky is a ready to eat product.
Jerky Slicing $1.50 / lb $ 25.00 minimum

10 lbs of game is required for each flavor of jerky. Jerky is only made from the hind or loin.  There is an average of a 50-60% shrink during the smoking process.

Misc. Processing:

Grind & Pack Trim $1.50 / lb $ 25.00 minimum

If pork or beef trim is to be added, the charge for the trim is billed as well as grinding fees of the trim.